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Using RefWorks

RefWorks Group Code

When you sign up for a RefWorks account, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a Group Code for BU. Please save this email, as the Group Code will be needed in order to authenticate your affiliation with BU if you wish to sign into your account directly at rather than through the Medical Library home page.

If you have lost the code, you may call the Reference Desk at (617) 358-4810 during normal business hours, or see this page.

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Attaching PDFs and Other Files

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Using "My List"

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Creating a Free-Standing Bibliography

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Alumni Access to RefWorks

Use of RefWorks is available to all current and former BU students for as long as BU maintains its subscription to RefWorks. If you set up an account while you were studying at BU and would like to continue to use it after graduation, or if you would like to begin using RefWorks even though you have already graduated from BU, you are welcome to do so. See this announcement for more details.

If asked for a Group Code in order to register or log in, please see this page.