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Placing Electronic Resources on Blackboard and Print Materials on Reserve at the Circulation Desk

Frequently Asked Questions:

To place a print material on Reserve: RESERVE REQUEST FORM

Electronic Resources and Blackboard

Steps for placing reserve materials on Blackboard

  1. Identify your citation. (For example: Wang JY. A never ending story in the pursuit of susceptible genes in allergy and asthma. [Editorial] Pediatrics and Neonatology. 49(2):3-4, 2008 Apr.)
  2. Copy a link to the electronic resource (e-journal or e-book) by following these steps:
    1. Under E-Resources on the Library's homepage at, click on E-Journals or E-Books
    2. Access the electronic resource (you may be prompted to authenticate using your login id and Kerberos password)
    3. Copy the URL (i.e. link) to the electronic resource. Make sure the URL begins with http://
  3. Add a link to your Blackboard site (BUMC Library Tutorial: How to Add Links to Your Blackboard Site)

Please note: without permission from the publisher, you can only add direct links to the journal title page, not links to specific articles or PDFs, in Blackboard.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Electronic Materials for Blackboard

In addition to meeting the four criteria above, faculty placing copyrighted materials on Blackboard must also adhere to the following:

The Print Reserve Collection

The purpose of the Print Reserve Collection, located on the 12th floor of the Library, is to make required course readings easily accessible to Boston University students. By limiting the amount of time such material may be charged out and/or requiring that the material remain in the library during use, all students in a class have the opportunity to make use of it. Additionally, the Reserve service provides a secure location for heavily-used items.

Who may place material on reserve?

Course Instructors at the Boston University Medical Center (Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health and the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences) may place materials on reserve. Instructors may place library-owned books, personal books, videos, DVDs, lectures on DVD/CDs, and sample exams on reserve each semester for use by students in their courses.

Placing print materials on reserve

Faculty may request that any of the following materials be placed on Reserve as course readings:

How to place print materials on reserve

Reserve requests are made by completing the Reserve Request Form. The Circulation Services staff will regularly relocate reserve materials that are no longer being used by a course instructor to the general collection. Course instructors must fill out or update a Reserve Request Form at least 14 days before these materials are needed on Reserve.

The following copyrighted material may be placed on Reserve according to fair use guidelines:

See BU Copyright Policy for detailed information about which materials may be placed on reserve.

Please note the following restrictions:

Additional copyright background information can be found at the BUMC Library Copyright, Intellectual Property and Patents webpage.


For further information please contact Joseph Harzbecker, Head of Reference and Electronic Content Management, at or 617-638-4205.