Library's Wireless Network Security Upgrade

On July 24, 2003, a more secure wireless network will be implemented at the Alumni Medical Library. Once implemented, all Boston University and Boston Medical Center faculty, staff, and students using the Library's wireless connection to the Internet will be required to authenticate using their BU login names and Kerberos passwords.

In order to authenticate, you must download and install the Cisco client for Virtual Private Networking (VPN). You will be prompted to download and install the VPN client the first time you access the Internet using the wireless connection.

You can download the VPN client or get additional information from the Web:

All subsequent connections using wireless technology will require the VPN client to be running. If it is not running, you will again be prompted to download and install the client. DO NOT reinstall. Simply start the VPN client and make the connection. If you have created a shortcut icon your desktop, click the icon to start the VPN client, then follow the login prompts. If you have not created a shortcut on your desktop, look under the Start menu programs to run the VPN client.

For more information about the wireless network or VPN client, contact Ron Tate (617)-638-4576 or, Hari Reddy (617-638-4279 or or Jennifer Borucki (617-638-6696 or at the Alumni Medical Library LRC.