Wireless Internet Access Now Available in Library

The Alumni Medical Library has completed the installation of wireless networking, enabling wireless access to the Internet from any location throughout the Library. This allows laptop users greater flexibility in accessing the Internet from within the Library without having to connect their laptops directly to an Ethernet port.

In order to use wireless Internet access, laptops must have a wireless network interface PCMCIA card or built-in wireless support, either of which must be 802.11b compatible. Wireless network interface PCMCIA cards can be purchased at any reputable computer supply store such as University Computers, MicroCenter, or others.

The Alumni Medical Library continues to provide Ethernet connections on the 12th floor of the Library for those who do not wish to use wireless networking.

For questions about wireless access or assistance in setting-up wireless support, contact Ron Tate at 617-638-4576 or rtate@bu.edu, or Hari Reddy at 617-638-4279 or hvr@bu.edu, in the LRC Computing Lab.