The WebSPIRS software, available at http://libdb.bu.edu/ has recently been upgraded to version 4.1. This new version of software should provide better speed and reliability, as well as improved error handling and Year 2000 compliance.

WebSPIRS is a World Wide Web interface to a database server called Electronic Reference Library (ERL), which was created by SilverPlatter Inc. Boston University's Office of Information Technology has set up an ERL server on campus in conjunction with the University libraries. All the SilverPlatter databases currently licensed by Mugar Library have been mounted on this server. WebSPIRS allows Boston University students, faculty, and staff to access the SilverPlatter databases using a forms-capable Web browser (such as Netscape) on any machine conected to the campus network.

Available WebSPIRS databases include ATLA, BIOSIS, CWI, ECONLIT, ERIC, GPO, LLBA, MATHSCI, MLA, PAIS, Philosopher's Index, PSYCLIT, SOCIAL WORK ABSTRACTS, and SOCIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS. Use this link for a description of each database.