PubMed Lauches New Interface:
Old Interface To Be Taken Offline in March 2000

PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's public MEDLINE search interface on the World Wide Web, has launched a new home page and search interface at (

The new version was originally introduced on September 1999, and has been running in parallel with the old version since that time. This month, however, the new PubMed interface will replace the old as the operational version of PubMed.

The new version of PubMed offers a number of enhanced features such as a single search interface with pull-down menus that display search field limits, indexes, your search history, and a clipboard for gathering selected articles.

New Home Page
The new PubMed home page has been redesigned to provide comprehensive MEDLINE searching as well as access to the other Entrez databases. Entrez is a search and retrieval system that integrates information from databases at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). These databases include nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, macromolecular structures, whole genomes.

Improved Access to All Search Features
The screens in the new version of PubMed provide easy access to all features -- all options are displayed and available from every screen. The MeSH Browser, Citation Matcher, etc. appear in the sidebar of every screen. All the new features (Limits, Index, History and Clipboard) are also available on every screen.

Remember that the old version of PubMed will be taken offline in March 2000. Be sure to change your bookmarks and links to the new system at

Faculty, staff, and students of the Boston University Medical Center are eligible for access to BUMC MEDLINE Plus, which operates the OVID software and hosts a number of search functions and features not available in PubMed. BUMC MEDLINE Plus features include, for example, the full text of 110 biomedical journals, including all graphics and references, search interfaces for both Windows and the World Wide Web, a catalog holdings option that indicates which journal issues are available at BU libraries, the Evidence Based Medicine Reviews database, and more. To find out about accessing BUMC MEDLINE Plus, click here or contact a reference librarian at 617-638-4228 or

More information about the new PubMed can be found at the NLM's help or FAQ sites. You can also contact a reference librarian at 617-638-4228 or for more information about searching PubMed.