Proteome BioKnowledge Library (Proteome BKL) Now Available

Under the joint auspices of the BUMC Assistant Provost for Research, the Charles River Campus Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education, the Alumni Medical Library, and the Mugar Memorial Library, the Proteome BioKnowledge Library (Proteome BKL) is now available for access by all current Boston University and Boston University Medical Center faculty, staff, and students.

What is the Proteome Bioknowledge Library?

The Proteome Bioknowledge Library is a powerful collection of commercial databases which review relevant biological literature and incorporate available genomic and proteomic data. These data are presented in a user-friendly format that offers flexibility and power in information retrieval.

Included are the following Incyte Genomic Databases, which are updated weekly:

How to access the Proteome Bioknowledge Library:

The Proteome BKL is accessible to current BU and BUMC faculty, staff, and students from on-campus locations, or from off-campus via the proxy server. Instructions for configuring your computer to use the proxy server are on the Web at

The Proteome BKL is linked from the Alumni Medical Library's web page at, or on the Charles River BU Libraries Web site at The direct Web address is USER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

To register, follow these steps: