Convenient Document Ordering Service Now Linked Directly to BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID

BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID's new document ordering option provides the convenience of ording photocopies of journal articles during your search. Instead of printing citations and filling out photocopy/interlibrary loan (ILL) loan requests at the Library Circulation Desk or on the Web, the online document ordering option lets you order articles during your MEDLINE search session, saving time and paperwork.

To Order Articles While Searching BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID:

  1. Complete your search as usual.

  2. From the "Main Menu" click on the DISPLAY option to view citations.

  3. To select articles for ordering, simply click on the "Check Box" next to each individual citation.

  4. When you are finished browsing and selecting citations, scroll down the screen to the CITATION MANAGER option.

  5. Check the SELECTED CITATIONS option in the "Citations" column to indicate that you want to order the citations for which you've marked the corresponding "Check Box".

  6. Click on the button in the "Action" column to go to the ordering screen.

  7. Complete the "Document Ordering" screens, and click on the ORDER ITEM icon to submit the order(s).

BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID's document ordering option automatically sends your requests to the Alumni Medical Library. If the journal articles you've requested are available in the Library's printed journal collection, you will be charged 20 cents for each page copied. Turnaround time is usually 2 - 4 days. If the requested articles are not available in the Alumni Medical Library, an interlibrary loan (ILL) will be generated. ILLs cost $3 per item ordered, and take approximatley 1 -2 weeks to arrive. Rush photocopy and ILL options are also available for additional fees.

BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID's DISPLAY screen and CITATION MANAGER option will look something like this:

1. Alenius H. Turjanmaa K. Palosuo T. Natural rubber latex allergy. [Review] [37 refs] [Journal Article. Review. Review, Tutorial] Occupational & Environmental Medicine. 59(6):419-24, 2002 Jun. Med library owns some volumes. Check CATALOG for holdings.
UI: 12040121

2. Spazzolini A. Brusa M. Zerega G. Quirino T. Iemoli E. Gallucci A. Olivieri P. Toia E. Ravagnan R. [Latex allergy]. [Review] [57 refs] [Italian] [Journal Article. Review. Review, Tutorial] Minerva Medica. 93(2):119-28, 2002 Apr. Journal title not owned by Library - ask about loan options
UI: 12032443

3. Buckland JR. Norman LK. Mason PS. Carruth JA. The prevalence of latex allergy in patients with rhinitis. [Journal Article] Journal of Laryngology & Otology. 116(5):349-51, 2002 May. Med library owns some volumes. Check CATALOG for holdings.
UI: 12080990

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For more information about BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID, contact a Reference Librarian at 617-638-4228,, or