BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID System Changes Implemented on January 2, 2002

Beginning on January 2, the Alumni Medical Library is implementing an online version of BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID that includes a variety of functional enhancements and upgrades. By shifting from a local to an online system, MEDLINE and the other BUMC MEDLINE Plus databases will be updated more quickly and frequently.

OVID online includes all of the existing system features such as the local holdings, catalog holdings, and printing/emailing/saving options. Other enhancements include a bibliographic software export option, and the "Open Links" function. Open Links allows searchers to access all of the 1200+ full text electronic journals to which the Boston University Medical Center subscribes. In addition to the Open Links, you will retain access to the full text of 110 core, clinical biomedical journals available through the "Full Text" link. Searchers may also notice a few minor changes in some of the OVID online icons.

BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID login names and passwords will remain identical in the current system, as will all access points to the system from the Library's Web site.

For questions about the shift to BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID online, please contact a reference librarian at 617-638-4228 or refquest@med-libwww.bu.edu.