Mental Health Information Network of Metro Boston Grant Funded for $337,000

The Alumni Medical Library has been awarded a $337,000 grant from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to develop a mental health information network in metro Boston over a three year period.

The Mental Health Information Network of Metro Boston (MHIN) was initiated by David Ginn Ph.D., director of the Alumni Medical Library, and Clifford Robinson M.Ed., M.S.W., area director of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, and will be directed by Mary McKeon, MSLS, Head of Circulation at the Alumni Medical Library. The grant has also involved the hiring of a reference and instructional services librarian. Keven Jeffery, MLIS, has joined the staff as MHIN Librarian, and will provide outreach, education, reference, and Web services for the Project.

The grant builds on past NLM funded projects at the Alumni Medical Library, including the ongoing Boston AIDS Information Outreach Project and the Boston Mental Health Information Outreach Project, which was recently completed at the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center. The Mental Health Information Network of Metro Boston will involve instructing mental health professionals and consumers in the Boston area in the use of the Internet as a tool for finding quality health information. The initiative will also involve the construction of an online pathfinder to authoritative mental health and general health information on the Web. Over the three years of the grant the network is expected to reach over 10,000 mental health consumers and place approximately 75 computers, with Internet access, in treatment centers throughout Boston.