In its continuing efforts to improve access to BUMC MEDLINE Plus and better serve the needs of MEDLINE searchers, the library has expanded and relocated the MEDLINE Search Area. Formerly located across from the circulation desk on the 12th floor of the library, the Searching Area is now located adjacent to the reference desk. Searchers will have more convenient access to assistance from reference librarians, who are experts at searching MEDLINE and other bibliographic databases.

In addition to retaining eight of the original BUMC MEDLINE Plus terminals, 12 new machines have been purchased, bringing the total to 20 computers. The 12 new terminals are IBM compatible Pentium computers with 128 MB of RAM. They come complete with 17-inch Sony Trinitron monitors for easy viewing. Each of the 20 terminals is networked to one of four laser printers.

Two new LaserJet III high-speed printers have been purchased in order to meet anticipated printing increases necessitated by the addition of 50 full text journal titles to BUMC MEDLINE Plus. The new printers hold 1000 sheets of paper, and print up to four times faster ( 17 pagers per minute) than older printers. As in the past, printing from BUMC MEDLINE Plus searching terminals is still free-of-charge.

Accessible from the Searching Area are BUMC MEDLINE Plus, the STAT!-Ref collection of 30 electronic biomedical textbooks, and SAM Online (Scientific American Medical textbook). Additionally, several of the terminals will also allow for access to the World Wide Web.

Library staff are confident that the new Searching Area will better meet the needs of BUMC MEDLINE Plus users.