Learning Resources Center (LRC) Expansion

The Alumni Medical Library Learning Resources Center (LRC) computer lab facility has recently expanded to include two new additional computing classrooms. The new computing classrooms are located on the 11th floor of the Library, directly across from the main entrance to the LRC. The larger classroom (L-1110) houses 30 PCs, and the smaller of the two rooms (L-1112) houses 15 PCs. Both classrooms are equipped with a SmartBoard projection system, and all of the necessary course-related software, as well as the usual array of computing resources that are made available in the LRC. All of the courses and workshops that were previously conducted in the old LRC classrooms will take place in the newly constructed classrooms. The old classrooms are now open computing labs, making available additional computers that can be used for general computing.

In addition to expanding the LRC facility, many of the computers in the main open computing areas were recently upgraded. The upgrade includes a shift to the Windows 2000 operating system and MS Office XP Pro. In addition to the upgraded operating system and MS Office products, all new computers that are being installed will include CDRW's (CD Reader-Writers). Using CDRWs allows users to save and store larger amounts of data on a CD format instead of using floppy disks or zip drives.

In order to support the added computer classroom spaces, the air conditioning and venting systems were upgraded throughout the Library. This should enhance the comfort of all those that use the Library and LRC Resources.

For more information about the LRC, contact Ron Tate, Associate Director for Library Computing and Systems at 617-638-4576 or rtate@bu.edu.