Internet Resources: Influenza

Influenza outbreaks and new treatment options have lately been headlined in the news. Healthcare professionals can find information about the flu using the Web sites below.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Influenza Prevention and Control The CDC page has information about vaccines and antiviral medication, surveillance methods and reports, and links to recent MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports) articles about the disease.
FluNet Coordinated by the World Health Organization, this site links to national influenza centers around the world in order to provide global surveillance of the disease. Summaries of the weekly influenza reports received from the National Influenza Centres and maps detailing epidemic areas throughout history are available online.
Influenza A to B This learning module from the University of Florida presents four case studies regarding the flu. Each case study includes a multi-choice question-and-answer section and links to patient education information sheets. A post-test is included for physicians interested in earning continuing medical education (CME) credit.
Influenza Bibliography This current awareness service publishes citations from the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database. The online files date back to 1993, and a new list is distributed every one to two months. A search feature is currently under development.
Influenza Sequence Database This database holds all influenza A, B, and C sequences that are in GenBank, as well as a few nonpublished sequences for influenza A. The site is designed for the researcher who wants to retrieve or deposit sequences, and provides tools to aid in the analysis of sequences.
Relenza Information This Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Web page contains information regarding Relenza (zanamivir), an inhaled antiviral drug for the treatment of type A and B influenza. The FDA talk paper, Approval Letter, label, and memorandum from the agency can be accessed from this page.
Scientific American: Disarming Flu Viruses This Web site consists of a January 1999 article discussing efforts to develop vaccines to prevent influenza infection. It also provides a good overview of pandemics and the biology of the virus.

Courtesy of the MLA News, January 2000.