Copy Card Distribution Schedule Changed

In order to allow students more flexibility in picking up their copy/print cards, the following change to the distribution schedule has been made, effective Friday, March 1, 2002:

Students in the schools of Medicine, Graduate Medical Sciences, Public Health, and Dental Medicine are eligible to receive 500 free copies/prints during EACH of the following two time periods: 1) January 1 June 30, and 2) July 1 December 31. The 500 free copies/prints can be picked up on any date during each of the two periods, as long as the number of copies/prints remaining on the card has dropped to 100 or fewer. Students must show a valid Boston University ID in order to receive their copies/prints. Copies/prints may be picked up at the Library Circulation Desk, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. Unclaimed free copies are forfeited.