The 13th floor of the library was re-carpeted this summer, continuing renovations and improvements that began several years ago.

Those of you who have been at the Medical Center for several years may recall that renovations began in the fall of 1997 when the 12th floor of the library was re-carpeted. Later that year, the 11th floor was re-carpeted, and new circulation, reserve and reference desks were installed. The entire library was painted, new window treatments were mounted, and 350 more comfortable chairs were purchased.

The library also shifted its book and journal collections, and added eight new stack ranges in order to make materials more accessible, as well as to accommodate the increasing number of volumes housed in the library.

In addition to facilities improvements, the library has continued to enlarge and upgrate its computing facilities (see related story). These renovations have been designed to meet the current needs of staff and patrons, replacing carpeting and furniture dating back to 1969. We are confident that these improvements have made the library more functional and comfortable.