Library Journal Holdings Now Linked Directly to BUMC MEDLINE Plus Search Results

INNOPAC, Boston University's online library catalog, is now integrated into the BUMC MEDLINE Plus system. This feature, called the "Catalog Holdings" option, displays specific volume and issue holdings for journal title identified in a MEDLINE search. There are no changes in the search interface, and no additional searching steps required.

Because the journal holdings display is included as part of the MEDLINE record, there is no need to go to the online library catalog to check whether a journal is owned by BU libraries. When viewing a citation record in BUMC MEDLINE Plus, users will notice that a new "Catalog Holdings" field automatically appears. The "Catalog Holdings" field contains the detailed journal holdings information exactly as it appears in the online library catalog.

The examples below illustrates the catalog holdings option on a MEDLINE citation record:

This next example is a bit more complex. Notice that several of the Boston University libraries own this journal title:

As MEDLINE users will quickly discover, the catalog holdings option is an invaluable convenience and time-saver that will streamline the process of locating journal literature.

For questions regarding the catalog holdings display in BUMC MEDLINE Plus, contact a reference librarian at 617-638-4228 or