Library Implements Boston Mental Health Information Outreach Project Grant

Mental health service organizations need to effectively identify, retrieve, manage, and evaluate relevant information to support their activities, programs, and overall mission. To support staff and consumers in this challenge, the Alumni Medical Library is pleased to announce that the Boston Mental Health Information Outreach Project has been funded by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for the period of October 2000 - July 2001. The project is a collaborative effort of the Alumni Medical Library, Boston University Medical Center, and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (SCFMHC).

The purpose of the project is to increase and improve access to mental health and other general health information for SCFMHC staff and consumers. Primary components of the project include:

  1. Information skills training in using bibliographic databases and the Internet,
  2. A quality-filtered Web site to facilitate information access,
  3. Access to information via the Library's resources and services, and
  4. The purchase of four computers and a printer for the 7th floor classroom at SCFMHC.

Two 3-hour workshops will be offered at various times throughout the duration of the grant:

The training workshops will assist staff and consumers in developing and improving their information-seeking skills, in addition to providing information about the resources and services available through the project.

For more information about the Boston Mental Health Information Outreach Project, contact Mary McKeon, Project Coordinator, at 617-638-4253 or