Evidence Based Medicine Reviews database now available on BUMC MEDLINE Plus

The World Wide Web and Windows versions of BUMC MEDLINE Plus now includes Evidence Based Medicine Reviews, a database designed for use by clinicians and researchers. Reflecting current practices in the medical field to base clinical practices on accumulated evidence from the primary medical literature, Evidence Based Medicine Reviews provides content from two premier sources: The Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews and Best Evidence The Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews contains reviews of current medical research. It is published by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization whose mission is to apply evidence-based medicine principles to the review of clinical topics. The Cochrane Collaboration surveys the medical literature for clinically relevant and methodologically sound research, then synthesizes and reports on these studies in the Cochrane Database.

Best Evidence is designed to alert clinicians to important advances in medicine by summarizing and providing commentary on evidence-based articles from the biomedical literature. Included in the database are summaries of current studies of diagnosis, cause, course, and management of a number of clinical disorders. The Best Evidence database contains two EBM publications: the ACP Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine.

To access the EBMR database, simply login to the WWW or Windows version of BUMC MEDLINE Plus. Once you've done your search as usual, select the "limit" option. From the list of available limiting options, choose "Evidence Based Medicine Reviews" to restrict your search to EBM criteria.

An Evidence Based Medicine workshop is available to interested faculty, staff and students of the BUMC and Boston Medical Center. This workshop focuses on a variety of skills including creating effective search strategies and posing "searchable" questions; quickly locating clinical trials, meta analyses and EBM-related materials; and taking advantage of MEDLINE's controlled vocabulary (MeSH). This workshop also provides information on MEDLINE filters for retrieving clinical studies, as well as information on useful EBM WWW sites. Use this link to view a schedule of classes.

Use this link for a more detailed description of the EBMR database, or contact a reference librarian at 617-638-4228 or refquest@med-libwww.bu.edu.