STAT!-Ref Biomedical Textbooks Now Available on the WWW, continued...

The Alumni Medical Library is pleased to announce that the STAT!-Ref program is now accessible to eligible users via the World Wide Web at
The number of users allowed to search the program simultaneously has also doubled, increasing from 5 to 10 users.

Most faculty, staff and students of the Boston University and Boston Medical Center are eligible to use STAT!-Ref. Because of licensing agreements with the software producer, access is restricted by I.P. address (an Internet Protocol address identifies your machine's location on the Internet):

Students can use STAT!-Ref via the WWW from computers located anywhere at the University or Medical Center, or from home and other remote locations by dialing into the ACS network. Simply open Netscape or any other WWW browser, and go to the STAT!-Ref program at

STAT!-Ref allows users to search one textbook individually, or to select up to 30 titles to be searched simultaneously. STAT!-Ref provides the capability of searching with natural language or a thesaurus. All search results, full text and tables-of-contents can be browsed and printed. Additional features include chapter bibliographies, links to relevant journal article citations from the MEDLINE database, and selected tables, figures, illustrations and video images.

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Principles of Neurology, and Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics are NOT part of the STAT!-Ref WWW program. Access to these three electronic textbooks will continue to be available via the Teton Viewer program from terminals on the 12th floor of the Library or in the LRC. (Use the "Medical Ref. Books" icon to access the Teton Viewer.)

The most recent editions of the following texts are available on STAT!-Ref WWW:

For additional information about STAT!-Ref, contact a reference librarian at 617-638-4228 or