Library Renovation Update

Library restrooms are currently being renovated. The 13th floor restrooms will be renovated the week of August 12 - August 19, and the 11th floor restrooms will be renovated from August 20 - August 27. Renovations will include new ceilings, flooring, painted walls, countertops, and lighting.

The Library information infrastructure has been expanded to include 366 power connections, 124 ethernet connections and wireless access throughout the Library and Learning Resources Center (LRC). Power is available from floor outlets to support comfortable seating, and power is available from wall outlets to support the bistro tables.

Two former staff offices on the 13th floor have been converted to study rooms, and glass doors have recently been installed. New study tables and chairs have been purchased for these rooms, and power is available.

Twenty-nine new computers have been purchased for the LRC public computing room L-1109a. Twelve thin-client computers will be relocated to the L-12 basement public computing location and in the L-1102 Coffee/Vending lounge as a continued pilot for this technology on the medical campus. New computers were purchased for the LRC classroom L-1105 during the Summer.

The stairwell carpeting has been completed. The Library has installed water filtration units on the 11th and 12th floor which provide improved quality drinking water as well as support BU sustainability efforts by allowing students to re-fill water bottles.

During 2009-2010, the initial 12th floor construction phase consisted of the removal of a wall to expand Library space, disassembly of shelving ranges, installation of a new ceiling with improved energy-efficient lighting, installation of a new entryway, painting, and HVAC work.

The next phase included replacement of the carpet, and installation of new flooring, new fixed computer tables and laptop/study tables and chairs, comfortable seating, cubed tables with casters, and cafe tables and chairs. The Circulation and Reference Desks were reconfigured and combined as a single-service Desk.

The entryway to the Library was modified to comply with building safety codes, and the front doors to the Library no longer lock. Instead, the elevator doors have been programmed to open on the 12th floor only during Library Hours of Operation as follows:

Upon completion, the new space will offer significantly more seating on the 12th floor, collaborative learning/study space, comfortable seating on casters that can be easily rearranged, and additional computer stations. You can view the plans for the library renovation here.

We will work to minimize noise as much as possible during this time and apologize for any disruption that the renovation work may cause. If you need quite study space, please use the study areas on the 13th floor. If you have questions regarding the renovation, please contact the Reference Desk at or 638-4228.