Archives from Spring 2006
BioMed Central Institutional Membership Discontinued

The Boston University Libraries have maintained an institutional membership to BioMed Central, an open access publisher, since 2003. Membership allowed Boston University authors to publish articles in BioMed Central journals without paying an article submission fee. In 2006, BioMed Central changed its pricing model, making it no longer cost effective for the Library to continue membership. The Library would have to pay a considerably higher fee (300%+), for which Boston University authors would gain only a 15% discount on publication fees. Boston University will retain access to BioMed Central's open access journals, but the publisher will no longer waive publication fees for Boston University authors. We continue to support open access publishing, as well as other methods of making research results accessible to a wider audience, and encourage Boston University authors to pay article publication fees with grant funds whenever possible. If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Harzbecker, Head of Reference and Interlibrary Loan, or 617-638-4205.