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Laptop Printing

Laptop Printing Instructions

For PC:

  1. Go to Printing
  2. Click on Click here if you know which software package you need to install. Or Packages
  3. For most students, select Library Printing
  4. For Dental Students select Dental Printers and Library Printing
For Mac:
  1. Download and install the HP Printer Drivers
  2. Go to Pharos
  3. Click on Community & Support
  4. Click on Hot Fixes & Service Packs
  5. Click on Macintosh Components
  6. Download Pharos Popup and Notify Clients 9.0.6 for Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12
  7. Install
  8. Go to System Preferences --> Print & Scan
  9. Click on the '+' to Add a Printer
  10. If the Advanced button is not available.
    • Ctrl + click on a blank area
    • Select Customize Toolbar...
    • Drag Advanced to the tool bar area
  11. Click on Advanced
  12. Type: Pharos Print Server
  13. URL: popup://
  14. Name: maclrcprintq
  15. Print Using: Select Printer software
  16. Select HP Laserjet 4250
  17. Select Optional Tray 3: 500-Sheet Input Tray
  18. Select Duplex Unit

If you require further assistance in setting up laptop printing, please visit the Library Computing Help Desk (L-1109)