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Alumni Medical Library: BU E-Mail and Computing Accounts

BMC Computing Accounts and E-Mail

Applying for a BU/Kerberos Password

BMC Staff, Including Residents and Nurses

  1. Email Jason Yee at or Bernardo Iglesias at from a valid BMC account.
  2. Include your first and last names, BMC ID number, and email address.
  3. You will recieve an email from "IT Help Center." Open the email and follow the instructions included.
  4. You will have to renew your password every year. Depending on your security status, you may have to come into the library to do this. Email Jason Yee at or Bernardo Iglesias at to renew your account, and they will let you know whether you need to come into the library in person or not.

Once residents or BMC staff/faculty have obtained a BU/Kerberos username and password, they may login to the Alumni Medical Library's Electronic Resources using this same access information.

For more information about options for connecting to the BU network contact the Library Computer Lab at (617) 638-5433, BU Information Services and Technology at (617) 353-HELP (4357) or go to BU IS&T's Accounts and Network Access page.