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Addressing the Nation's Physician Workforce Needs: The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Recommendations on Graduate Medical Education Reform. [PubMed]
Jackson A, Baron RB, Jaeger J, Liebow M, Plews-Ogan M, Schwartz MD, For the Society of General Internal Medicine Health Policy Committee
J Gen Intern Med [Check E-Journal Holdings]
IGF2 Ameliorates Amyloidosis, Increases Cholinergic Marker Expression and Raises BMP9 and Neurotrophin Levels in the Hippocampus of the APPswePS1dE9 Alzheimer's Disease Model Mice. [PubMed]
Mellott TJ, Pender SM, Burke RM, Langley EA, Blusztajn JK
PLoS One [Check E-Journal Holdings]
Developing and implementing core competencies for integrative medicine fellowships. [PubMed]
Ring M, Brodsky M, Low Dog T, Sierpina V, Bailey M, Locke A, Kogan M, Rindfleisch JA, Saper R
Acad Med [Check E-Journal Holdings]
Fever and a solitary papule on the foot. [PubMed]
Gan SD, Mahalingam M, Miller DD
JAMA Dermatol [Check E-Journal Holdings]
Aortic pulse wave velocity improves cardiovascular event prediction: an individual participant meta-analysis of prospective??observational data from 17,635 subjects. [PubMed]
Ben-Shlomo Y, Spears M, Boustred C, May M, Anderson SG, Benjamin EJ, Boutouyrie P, Cameron J, Chen CH, Cruickshank JK, Hwang SJ, Lakatta EG, Laurent S, Maldonado J, Mitchell GF, Najjar SS, Newman AB, Ohishi M, Pannier B, Pereira T, Vasan RS, Shokawa T, Sutton-Tyrell K, Verbeke F, Wang KL, Webb DJ, Willum Hansen T, Zoungas S, McEniery CM, Cockcroft JR, Wilkinson IB
J Am Coll Cardiol [Check E-Journal Holdings]
ESET methylates UBF at K232/254 and regulates nucleolar heterochromatin plasticity and rDNA transcription. [PubMed]
Hwang YJ, Han D, Kim KY, Min SJ, Kowall NW, Yang L, Lee J, Kim Y, Ryu H
Nucleic Acids Res [Check E-Journal Holdings]
Thyroid function testing in patients with newly diagnosed hyperlipidemia. [PubMed]
Willard DL, Leung AM, Pearce EN
JAMA Intern Med [Check E-Journal Holdings]
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and the reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease in the absence of apolipoprotein E4 allele. [PubMed]
Qiu WQ, Mwamburi M, Besser LM, Zhu H, Li H, Wallack M, Phillips L, Qiao L, Budson AE, Stern R, Kowall N
J Alzheimers Dis [Check E-Journal Holdings]
Distal femur nonunion patients can expect good outcomes. [PubMed]
Monroy A, Urruela A, Singh P, Tornetta P, Egol KA
J Knee Surg [Check E-Journal Holdings]
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